30 Beauty Questions Tags! 

1. Do you remember your first make up item?

I’m not too sure exactly but I’m pretty sure it was lip gloss.

2. Describe your perfect mascara. Have you found one that fits your specifications?

I love mascara that’s going to lengthen and volumize my lashes. The Clinique High Lengths mascara and the Essence Multi Action Volume mascara do just that, love them!! 

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How To Achieve The Perfect Nude Lip For Women of Colour

Hi everyone!

A nude lip for women of color (WOC) can be a little tricky and it is easy to get the “hungry” look where your lips tend to look a bit ashy because the lip shade is a bit lighter than your skin tone. The trick to getting the perfect nude lip is a brown lip liner! You can make almost any nude lip color work if you line your lips with a lip liner. Lip liners in general are important for any lip look, whether it be red or pink, they give off that perfect lip finish. Read More »

Make Up Basics: Brushes

Hi everyone!

For a while i had been a little confused as to what some make up brushes were used for. I won’t lie there are so many make up brushes out there and I just thought it would be only right to just share most of them and their uses from what I’ve learnt. Using the right brushes for their purpose make a huge difference in the outcome of your make up. Of course some of these brushes do have more than one use which is even better! Make sure to always start off with clean brushes when doing your make up.

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