My 2015 summer essentials


Every girl needs a summer maxi dress!! Some bright colors with beautiful patterns πŸ™‚


A killer pair of sun glasses to add some diva-ness to ur look πŸ˜‰ Visit HerCollection1Β instagram page for amazing sunnies.


Midi rings!!! Guys I love these rings nowadays, especially gold. Loooove them. Good accessory.


A well groomed manicure please ladies!! No chipped nail polish if you are sticking to the natural nails route. πŸ™‚


Its summer and a good sexy swim suit is the way to go! Go check out Wildrose boutique swim wear

Wild Rose Boutique


Lip stick πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ omg!!!! Looove! Oh and you need to smell good too. Its hot and nobody wants to hang out with someone smelly, please!


Ok I had to add this outfit here, don’t u think it’s just cute??! I know right. The SHOES!! I die. ❀


Have lots of fruits and drink lots of water! Its good for your skin and health.


Lol Ok and lastly don’t forget to have fun with friends and family!!!

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