Run your own race


Yes read the above image again… Go on..

Its so sad how we as the youth of today live in a society where we are pressured into believing that there is a certain “perfect” or “correct” way in living ones life. Well let me break it to, there is no perfect or correct way. The perfect and glamorous life we see nowadays is what society makes us believe is the right way.

Life is what u make it out to be actually, its all about the right mindset and the energy you choose to bring into your life. Comparing your life to someone else’s is guaranteed that yours is about to be miserable. We tend to praise someone else instead of focusing on ourself and  finding ways in which we can build our own empire.

Its the little things in life that matter and the minute you start realizing your blessings and start thanking God for all you have is when you will realize the beauty of life. Don’t ever compare what u have and what someone else has because honey you will never be satisfied.

Run your own race at your own pace. God is preparing you for greater things in your life but at the moment take in all the lessons he’s teaching you at your current stage because those teachings will equip you for the following stages of your life.


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