Shade Adjusting Drops


I came across these shade adjusting drops from The Body Shop and I was pretty much intrigued to know that this amazing product exists. These drops help with adjusting ur foundation shade or concealer. Say you bought a foundation that doesn’t match your skin tone or you are one of the few that have to mix two foundation shades, then this product is for you.



I bought the darkening shade because I do have a foundation that’s a little light for me so this product is really helpful. I also use this product to contour and I think its amazing.
The product has a light weight creamy texture and It doesn’t change the consistency of your foundation or concealer. It is dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin. If you are looking to save you can buy these drops, both the lightening and darkening shades, to create your own contouring and highlight shades with your foundation.

These products are R300 each at The Body Shop.


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