Winter Skin Care Routine (Day and Night)


Hi everyone, I want to share with you all my winter skin care routine that I use both during the day and at night. I have combination to oily skin, I am oily around my T zone (forehead, nose &chin) and normal around my cheek area. Now that winter is approaching this side I do find my cheek area dry and my T zone still gets a bit oily during the day but its normal on most days.


• Face wash: Ponds Spot Clear Even Tone. (R49.99) This face wash is perfect for my combination oily skin and its great because it also helps in evening your skin tone too. The product claims to help fight 10 oil and spot problems for more clear and radiant skin. This is my favorite face wash thus far and I’ve been using it for over 8 months now, it helps with all my skin problems mainly oiliness. The product is a thick sticky substance that foams up once rubbed together with water.


• Toner: Rose Water. (R26.95) This toner is new to my skin care regime, I dab this product on a cotton pad and gently rub it all over my face to remove excess dirt or make up on my face after the Ponds face wash. It adds some  moisture and helps my skin glow. I’m just not too fond of how the rose smell lasts on my face.


•Face Cream: Johnsons Even Complexion Day Cream I like that the product has SPF 15 in it so you don’t need to purchase sunscreen separately. I won’t recommend it for oily skin people because it can make u look greasy, they do have an oily skin range but doesn’t have SPF in it. In the summer I used very little of this product and I got away with not looking too greasy, it just gave me a natural glow finish. Now that its winter I’m a little dryer around my cheek area so I use more to moisturize. I like the product more in the winter for me.

Night time:
The face wash and toner remain the same.


•Exfoliant: L’Action hydrating skin exfoliator (R8.95) This product leaves my skin feeling soft like a baby’s bum. I buy these every now and again, they’re cheap and they do the work. The product adds moisture and a glow to your face too. I’m not a fan of the smell but the product is good on my skin. I exfoliate 1-2 times per week to help remove dead cells.


Grapeseed Oil. (R29.99) I apply this after my toner as a night serum. Again if you have oily skin you might want to use about 2 drops of it. It is a light weight oil so it is suitable for all skin types. Its not sticky at all and the oil absorbs into your skin giving you a natural glow, it doesn’t clog your pores too. This oil is said to help with eradicating dark circles and hyper pigmentation giving your skin an even complexion. More info on grapeseed oil

**All products purchased at Dischem except the exfoliant which is from Clicks**

What is your skin care routine?



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