Different amazing ways you can use your concealer

Hi everyone! In this post I’m going to share with you some of the different ways in which you can use your concealers. I’m going to demonstrate using the LA Girl Pro HD Concealers but any concealer can work.

LA Girl Pro HD Concealers

Concealer is used to cover up hyperpigmentation and acne marks after or even before applying your foundation to give you an even flawless skin tone.
Besides highlighting and contouring here are some ways I’ve learned to use concealer:

1. Use as a foundation:
For those days when you are away and forgot to pack your foundation or you have run out, don’t worry! Take your face cream/moisturizer and your concealer then mix the two to create your own BB cream/ tinted moisturizer. This is for light coverage but the LA girl concealers actual provide medium to full coverage.


2. Clean defined eyebrows.
Use your concealer to clean up ur brows after filling them in with your brow pencil or anything else you use to fill them in.


3. Use as an eye shadow primer.
If you have dark eye lids use your concealer to create an even tone, follow this up with a translucent powder to set your concealer in place (avoid creasing). When you put your eye-shadows on the colours will pop more.


4. Clean up messy wing liner.
Wing liners can be quite tricky and require a steady hand but don’t worry if you mess up a bit. You can use your concealer to cover up the mess and get a more straight line. Remember to set the area with powder after.


And that is all I have for you today. Hope this was helpful. Do share any other ways to use concealer that you know that I haven’t mentioned.




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