Highlighting and Contouring 

Correct placement of your highlights and contours

What youll need:

  • Concealer (one tone lighter than your skin + one tone darker)
  • Blending sponge or brush
  • Setting or Translucent powder

Highlighting and contouring is a make up technique that has been around for a very long time but it has become quite the trend this year. This technique is used to basically add dimension to your face because it tends to look flat after applying foundation.

Highlighting is adding some light to the high points of your face as seen in the second image from the left above. Under your eyes, forehead, bridge of your nose and brow bone. These are areas where light hits the face first. Make sure you set the area with a setting or translucent powder to avoid the areas from creasing throughout the day especially under the eyes.

Contouring is adding some shadows back to your face like the temples of your forehead, hollows of your cheeks, jawline and your nose. This is seen in the first image above. Contouring can also give an illusion of a slimmer looking face such as defined cheekbones, slimmer nose, smaller forehead etc.

Highlight and contour images. Highlight set with a yellow base setting powder.

Its really up to an individual whether to start highlighting or contouring first or whether to use cream or powder products. If you opt for creamy products make sure to set with a powder. Again whether you use a beauty sponge or buffing brush it should still give you the same finish. The trick with this technique is to blend well, give yourself time to do so.
PS: If you opted to using a beauty blender make sure that it is damp, run it under the tap and ring out. This will help blend your make up well.

Make sure beauty blender is damp not wet nor dry.

Side note⇒: If you are in SA @muse_sa and @makeupsa_  on IG have the Sasha and Ben Nye setting powders 😉

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