Skin strategy deep cleansing nose strips

Suffer from black/white heads and clogged pores? Here is a product to help solve your problem!

Clogged pores and black heads/white heads can be quite annoying especially when you have tried so many products to get rid of them. Skin strategy deep cleansing nose strips are definitely the product for you if you suffer from black heads/ white heads. This product is definitely affordable and actually works. There are 10 individually wrapped strips in the package which make it easy for storage and traveling.

Directions to use:

  • Thoroughly wash your face with your desired face wash/cleanser to ensure your face is free from make up or creams.
  • Wet the nose area thoroughly with warm water as the strip will not stick on dry skin and the warm water helps open up your pores.
  • With dry hands remove the plastic liner from the nose strip in the sachet.
  • Apply the strip onto your nose with the shiny side facing your skin, smoothing out any bubbles.
  • Allow the strip to dry for 10-15min.
  • Once dried slowly and carefully peel the strip off starting with the edges, then towards the center.
  • If the strip sticks too much and is painful while peeling off then add more water to the strip until it is easier to remove. Remove any residue left on your skin with water.

It is recommended that you use the nose strips 1-2 times per week leaving a 3 day interval between use. Not all your black heads/white heads will be removed within the first use of this product but you definitely will see a difference. Its kind of disgusting seeing all the dirt on the strip after use but it leaves your skin very soft.

The product is available from Dischem and retails for R29.90.

Thank you for reading.



*Blog post not sponsored.*

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