Make Up Basics: Brushes

Hi everyone!

For a while i had been a little confused as to what some make up brushes were used for. I won’t lie there are so many make up brushes out there and I just thought it would be only right to just share most of them and their uses from what I’ve learnt. Using the right brushes for their purpose make a huge difference in the outcome of your make up. Of course some of these brushes do have more than one use which is even better! Make sure to always start off with clean brushes when doing your make up.

 Let’s begin! 

Β©Image: (BH cosmetic brushes) 

1. Large Powder Brush: This a big, soft and fluffy brush used to apply compact pressed powder as well as loose powder. This brush is not ideal for cream products.

2. Duo Fibre Stippling BrushThis brush is flat at the top and is made up of two different fibers hence the name. The white part has more soft bristles while the bottom black part is more dense but still allows for a smooth application. A lot of people prefer this brush to apply foundation as it is larger than the classic foundation brush. It also allows one to properly buff the foundation into the skin. 

3. Blush Brush: These are slightly smaller than the powder brush but have the same feel of being soft and fluffy to apply blush on the apple of the cheeks.

4. Classic Foundation Brush:This is usually a compact flat brush which, as its called, used to apply and blend in liquid foundation. This brushes is not suitable for powder use as it will appear patchy. I find using tapping motion while applying your foundation more useful rather than swiping across the face.

5. Angled Contour Brush: This is perfect to blend in your contour and is angled to allow easy blending to the contours of your face. It is soft and fluffy like the blush brush.

6. Large Fluffy Brush: I’d personally say this is an all round brush to help blend your base make up together for a smooth finish.

7. Tapered Blending BrushThe brush is very soft, small and fluffy, it is used to blend together the colours of your eye shadow so that there are no lines. It allows your shades to transition into one another.  

8. Angled Eyeshadow Brush: It is used to pack on and slightly blend in shadows on your outer eye corners if you are creating a smoky look.

9. Flat Liner Brush:This is a flat, small, soft brush which allows you to apply eye shadow to your bottom lash line.

10. Small Smudger Brush: In conjunction with the flat liner brush, this brush is used to smudge shadows onto your lower and upper lash line. It is slightly more dense compared to the flat liner brush.

11. Larger Blending Brush: It is a soft and fluffy brush. I’d personally say this is perfect for blending your shadows together overall which allows shades to transition into one another.

12. Medium Shader Brush: This is a flat, tapered brush for all over eye shadow application. Also works well with cream products.

13. Pencil Brush: This is a slightly dense and pointy brush hence the name ‘pencil brush.’ It is used to intensify color into your eye crease line and helps define it a lot more. This is in no way suitable for blending.

14. Concealer Brush: This brush is perfect for applying concealer to clean up your brows for that clean look as well as when doing a cut crease to get that precise line.

15. Angled Brow & Liner Brush: If you use an eyebrow pomade this brush is small and perfect to fill in your brows. It is also useful for applying a gel eyeliner on both your bottom and top lash line, especially if you want to do a wing line.

16. Eye Detailing Brush: I’d personally use this brush for the inner tear duct area to apply a shimmer shadow to brighten the eyes.

17. Spooley Brush: This brush is used to brush up your eyebrow hairs before filling in your brows and to also help blend the products onto your brows afterwards.

18. Fine Liner Brush: This brush is the ultimate for precise application of liquid or cream products to create a wing liner.

I hope all of this was useful, it was quite a bit of information but some of these brushes you may be familiar with. If there is any information you feel I have left out above please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments below or even if you have any tips or tricks to share.

Thank you for reading, until next post!

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