How To Achieve The Perfect Nude Lip For Women of Colour

Hi everyone!

A nude lip for women of color (WOC) can be a little tricky and it is easy to get the “hungry” look where your lips tend to look a bit ashy because the lip shade is a bit lighter than your skin tone. The trick to getting the perfect nude lip is a brown lip liner! You can make almost any nude lip color work if you line your lips with a lip liner. Lip liners in general are important for any lip look, whether it be red or pink, they give off that perfect lip finish. 

Rimmel Moisture Renew in 705- Lets get naked & Wet n wild Megalast in E902C-Bare it all

The image above I used the Rimmel lipstick and as you can see in the frame above the lipstick alone doesn’t look too great because its quite light for my skin tone. With a lip liner it has provided that perfect transition between my skin tone and the lipstick.

Wet n Wild lipstick blended with a brown lip liner

In the two images above I’ve basically demonstrated how I line my lips and how the end result looks like. Make sure you blend the lip liner and the lipstick together whether its with your fingers or rubbing your lips together. This is going to eradicate any harsh lines and help the colors blend well together. If you feel you need to go over your lips with a lip liner again you may do so till you are happy with the results.

*By the way I used a Smudge lip liner in the color brown* 

Thank you for reading and I hope this was helpful. Let me know some of your favorite nude lipsticks in the comments!

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