Product Review: Eylure Brow Pomade

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In today’s post I’ll be doing a product review of the eyebrow pomade from Eylure. I will be sharing with you my views on the products; about what I like and didn’t like as well as what the product promises.

Eylure Brow Pomade

  • Color: No.10 Dark Brown
  • Size: 6g/0.21oz

The product is said to be waterproof, long lasting and smudge proof. I will say yes it is waterproof as it doesn’t run down your face when you wet it. It does last long and is great for those long days at work or simply just out with your friends. I do make sure to wipe off any access moisturizer on my brows first before application. The product being smudge proof Isn’t all too true for me,  I’d think running your finger over your brow and having no residue would constitute it being smudge proof. It wasn’t the case with this product I did have slight residue but nothing major. This pomade is very pigmented and allows you to control how much you apply but a little goes a long way, for real, so even though it smudges slightly, and I really mean slightly, it doesn’t take away from the overall eyebrow look.

Top image I didnt use too much of the product. Bottom image I went for a darker bold brow

The brow pomade is  creamy in texture and has a powder like finish. It is best applied with an angled brush for better precision. I like the fact that there are a number of shades that go with different skin tones and the darkest shade dark brown matches me very well. I would definitely re-purchase this product as it was worth the price and the fact that it lasts really long.

The pomade is available at Dischem stores nationwide for R105.

Thank you for reading and also let me know some of the products you use for your eyebrows.

Until next post!

5 thoughts on “Product Review: Eylure Brow Pomade

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  2. i cant find the dark brown at any dischem .. Its a must for me to get it ..
    could someone please help as to where I can buy it ?


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